Solitary Friends is a garage rock, power pop group from Los Angeles. They are currently playing in and around SoCal, supporting their latest vinyl release, "Somewhere in Between". Though the songs were conceived in North Hollywood, Solitary Friends' sound could be described as way north of that---all the way to Manchester, England, and its environs. The music and melodies are reminiscent of Oasis, The La's, Jet, Bowie, and T. Rex, but Solitary Friends has their own identity as well. Catchy guitar riffs, a vocal delivery that is either Lennon or Liam (depending on your generation), and a steady rock-n-roll back beat, all make for a compelling and invigorating sound.  Good ol' rock n' roll with modern nuances is still being made in Los Angeles, and if you have discovered Solitary Friends then you have serendipitously found a companion in your love for such transcendent music. 

Singer/Songwriter and guitarist, Ken LaMere brought his brand of power pop from Minneapolis to LA in 2004.  After kicking around the Valley playing lead guitar, he started writing and recording material that would become Solitary Friends' debut EP.  Glenn Oyabe (The Moberlys) and Andrew Chojnacki (Peachfuzz) helped craft the early sound. Tom Hernandez (Super Bees, Lords of Altamont) brought his thunderous back beat to the following EP "Endless Repeat Play".  The band's live show is a high energy, face-melting experience brought to life by the muscular bass lines of John Butterworth, the hard-grinding lead guitar of Kent Militzer and drummer extraordinaire, Nick Liberatore. 

Solitary Friends has been played on KXLU Los Angeles, been featured on the MTV show Loosely Exactly Nicole and they have been developing tracks for the next release.  Look for them on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and CD Baby.